This End Up quilt

This year my family each selected just one person to buy gifts for. I ended up with my brother, and before you think that I just forced my love of quilts on a 29 year old guy, let me preface this by saying that he had previously mentioned that he’d like a quilt (though maybe he was just being nice!)

I started thinking about his quilt right after Thanksgiving, and went through my fabric stash to pick out all the ‘guy’ fabrics. I selected fabrics in shades of green, orange and blues (nothing with flowers!). Then those fabrics sat in a pile for a couple weeks while I tried to think of a pattern to use.

I finally decided on this for the front – I love how the white brightens up these fabrics –

I used the orange Amy Butler striped fabric for the majority of the binding, and also pieced in a few other prints from the quilt top because I really do love a pieced binding.

(Once I finished quilting it I just couldn’t resist taking it outside in the snow)

Now I must tell you a little bit about my brother. We tease Ryan for his OCD tendencies – he really likes everything to be straight and to line up correctly, and he does love everything to be clean (let’s not tell him I had his quilt out in the snow!). We discovered that he has a real issue with blankets or quilts when he can’t tell which end is the top. In his opinion, you should always have your feet at the same end of the blanket so you’re never putting your face next to the side where your feet may have been. (Personally, I don’t care, and maybe that just means I’m the one with the problem!)

Maybe you have to know him to find this as funny as I do, but I really got a kick out of making the back of this quilt –

And it looks like he’s pretty happy with it as well…

Merry Christmas Ryan! May your head never be where your feet have been…

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