a fabric winner!

Thanks for all the comments on the giveaway post! The winner of this giveaway, as selected by random.org –

#32, Holly. I had to laugh at her comment – “I NEED FABRIC. I Neeeeeed fabric. I really neeeeeeeeeeeed fabric. Please.”

Well Holly, here you go! A little selection of fabric just for you. I know what it’s like to need fabric, so I’m happy to pass this along to you! Send me your address so I can get this out!

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    Janna says:

    Hi –
    I found you thru flikr and had to post a comment when I saw your bday is the same as mine:) (I couldn’t find an ’email me’ button or I would have just went that route!) I absolutely love your fabric choices and all your projects. Had to print out your gorgeous towels. I can’t wait to make some. So pretty!! I do other cutesy things with the flour sack towels but had never thot of that. I love it. And your potholders are awesome. I know what all my friends will be getting in 09:) Thanks for all the awesome inspiration!
    Have a good day!

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