The tree was looking naked…

…so I made it a skirt.

(though perhaps I shouldn’t use the word ‘naked’ in my title, or I might find myself with visitors looking for something other than sewing crafts!)

This tree skirt is inspired by amandajean’s tree skirt, as seen here in her Christmas tree skirt tutorial. I love her log cabin blocks, but I just didn’t have the patience!

I grabbed all the fabrics I had in red, green and brown and created 7″ blocks, each using 2 fabrics. I wanted my tree skirt to be a bit larger, so I created enough blocks to ultimately make a square about 60″. (It looks like it shrunk a bit in the wash, and is now about 57″ square.)

My goal was to finish it on Saturday so that we could get the tree on Sunday… I didn’t quite make it, as I was still hand sewing the binding on Sunday morning, but I’m pleased to say that I got it finished and now the tree looks lovely!

Now I should get busy sewing so there will be some presents to put under the tree!

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