A winner, and a little procrastination…

Thanks for all the comments on the last giveaway post! It looks like there are a lot of people out there who are pregnant or know someone who is! I’m not, and I don’t even know anyone who is (how about it, Kim?!), so I’m not sure why I was busy making baby blankets!

The random number generator selected number 39, Jody, who’s indicated that this blanket will be going to her 8 month old daughter. I’m glad to hear there’s a little one out there who will enjoy it!

I hope you’ll all check back – I’m sure there will be another little giveaway in the future… though maybe not until after the New Year… December really snuck up on me and now I’m feeling a bit behind!

And here’s what happens when I don’t feel like doing what I’m supposed to do…

I start a new quilt!

My to do list is quite long, but as per usual, I tend to dawdle when there are things I have to do… We’re thinking about picking up our tree this weekend, and I’m afraid it might have to go skirt-less, at least for a while.

In any case, I’m already thinking of this quilt as ‘a field of flowers’. Perhaps it will remind me of the nicer Vermont days during the long months of winter.

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