One quilt, two quilts

I’ve never been a one project kind of girl. Sometimes I try, but I always seem to revert back to my crazy ways. If you were to look at the floor of my craft room right now, you’d see the beginnings of three quilts. And then if you looked in the guest room, you’d find three more quilts that I started and then draped over the bed. They’ve been there for a couple months now.

I think it’s new fabrics and the thought of a new project that make me behave this way… although I also love a completed quilt, so you’d think I’d try to follow it all the way through. Ah, in time.

This is a quick peek of two new projects. They’re taking up a lot of room on the floor and it makes getting into this room kind of difficult – hopefully that will be motivation to get them sewn together and off the floor! (though I will admit that my mind is already onto the next design!)

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