Seeing Spots

I was on a roll starting and completing one quilt before starting another, but that’s gone out the window. I blame it on my fabric scraps, really. I’m not sure I can assign blame to an inanimate object, but I’m certainly going to try. Because really it’s because of the fabric scraps (and my love of looking through the box of scraps) that I’ve started another quilt before finishing the binding on the Katie Jump Rope quilt. oops!

Last night as I dug through my scraps, I discovered that I had a lot of fabric scraps with polka dots. I can’t resist polka dotted fabric, and I guess it’s obvious since I was able to pull out a large variety of them.

I decided to do 8″ squares using these polka dot fabrics and solid white. I alternated using the polka dots as the center square with a white border and then the reverse – a solid white center with the polka dot border. I have 20 done so far, and I’m loving the look.

It’s funny, but most of the time I have an idea for a quilt and I know that I’ll love it when completed, but I sometimes don’t love it as much when putting it together. On this one though, I’m already wild about it. I don’t know if that means I’ll feel less excited when it’s done, or if I’ll love it even more…

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