Fun with the Holga

Morgan gave this camera to me for Christmas last year. I hadn’t seen one before, so I had no idea why he thought I might want this plastic GI Joe-type camera (turns out it was the perfect gift, by the way!). I won’t take the time to list all the attributes of this camera, but if you want to read more about the Holga or Lomography, you may want to check here or here.

(photo from

What I can tell you is that it takes great photos. Not great as in the great you come to expect from a digital camera, but great in the unexpected — the blurry photos with light leaks and lots of vignetting. You can’t expect a full roll of nice photos, but quite often there are one or two which are just perfect (or if you’re like me and you leave the lens cap on, you’ll end up with a full roll of lovely black photos!)

These are a few taken at the end of the summer (and the black and white ones last winter). Once I get more film, I hope to head out to take some fall foliage photos. And then maybe some photos of my new quilts. The aged, blurry look may be perfect for quilt photography!

By the way, the camera also comes in black, in case you want one but you don’t want people to look at you strangely (although they’ll still ask why you’re carrying around a plastic toy camera!).

P.S. I have the Spotted Squares (dotted squares, squared dots – anyone have an idea for a name?) top completed, so now I need to get to work on the back. I still love it, and I’m lookging forward to showing a picture of it soon!

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