Chairs on the wall – fabric wall hangings (part 1)

I don’t know what it is about this fabric, but I just love looking at it!

So much so that as much as I’d like to make something out of it, I can’t bear to cut into it. I decided to frame it and make it into a wall hanging instead. This solves the dilemma of what to make out of it, yet still allows me to see it daily.

I didn’t bother looking for a canvas or a frame of this size – deciding instead that it should be easy enough to make on our own. (plus, it gave Morgan a chance to show off his carpentry skills!)

And take a look at how nicely it turned out! He made up this lovely frame and we stretched and stapled the fabric over it.

Here he is displaying it for me outside, and then a quick shot of it on our living room wall.

Note: For those of you who’ve asked, creating the frame was really quite simple! We didn’t use any power tools – simply a miter box and saw and a staple gun. The wood we used is 1″ x 2″ pine, straight from Home Depot.

Simply measure the area you want to frame, and cut your wood at a 45 degree angle. Once all pieces are cut, make sure the entire frame is square, and then staple the corners. (We stapled both sides of the frame, as our staples weren’t very long.) If needed, you can cut smaller pieces to brace the corners, as seen in one of the photos above.

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