A Marimekko wall hanging (part 2)

I showed this Marimekko fabric last week in this post, and this weekend Morgan built me a custom frame for it (isn’t he handy?!).

It really is the perfect fabric for a wall hanging – nice and large, and I do love that green color of the pear! Since the white of the fabric was a bit transparent, I also bought some medium brown fabric which we stretched and stapled over the frame. Then we layered the pear fabric on top of this and again stretched and stapled it to the frame.

It turned out exactly as I had hoped!

It looks great against the blue wall color in our den, though it was intended to hang over our stairs. And I think I’d also like it in the bedroom… I just can’t decide!

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9 Responses to A Marimekko wall hanging (part 2)

  1. 1
    Amy Hodge says:

    This is so awesome! You have totally inspired me to cover some of my beige rental walls with something fabulous to look at! Any tips on making the frame? We used to have a whole workshop, but now that we are in a rental with absolutely no outside space (unless you count the stairwell where we have our tiny grill!) I would need to be able to put a frame together with minimal power tool-age. Thanks!

  2. 2
    Alissa says:

    Wow it’s great!! I love the other wall hanging too… Really such a great idea of what to do with a treasured piece of fabric!

  3. 3
    Chad says:

    This looks great! Excellent job!

  4. 4

    I love both wall hangings. I really should do this more so I actually get to look at my favorites on a daily basis But both pieces you had were perfect proportions for wall art.

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  6. 5
    Natalie says:

    Ohh that is amazing! What a wonderful idea!

  7. 6
    Gayle Kaufman says:

    The pear fabric was discontinued. I have been trying to find a source for it. Any suggestions?

  8. 7
    Tiff says:

    I have some pear. Just back from Helsinki where bought it. It’s smaller but same color . Convo me if you’d like pix. Cooltiffanie. At. Gmail

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