A few handmade items for sale.

I may have mentioned in the past that I sell a few items locally at a great stationery and gift boutique called Ink Ink in a town nearby.

They have recently started a website and I’m pleased to tell you that a few of my items can now be found online through their site. You’ll find a new button on the right side of my blog (the one with the cute pink pig!) which will take you to the gift tab of their online site. Make sure to browse their other products as well – they have great cards, thank you notes, planners and much more! Click here to go directly there, or use that cute link on the side.

Ever since I posted my market bag tutorial, I’ve been acting like a crazy person, making up as many bags as I can. Most of them I want to keep for myself (and some I actually have!), but I’ve also been selling a fair number at Ink Ink. Here you’ll see a few of the most recent bags…

You can find these online, as well as what might be my favorite tablecloth and coordinating napkin set.


(and feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think… I’m actually kind of nervous to list these items online for the first time!)

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