Echino Panther Dotty bag

I promised not to gush over my own projects, but once again, I really can’t help it. I really am in love with this bag! I made it out of a great linen/cotton blend fabric by a great Japanese designer Etsuko Furuya. It’s a great spa blue background with pink polka dots and panthers – how great is that?!

As per usual, I only had half a yard of this fabric. I guess it’s my own fault for not being able to commit to a larger amount (or maybe I’m just cheap?!)… In any case, it did limit the size bag I was able to make. The other limiting factor was that I wanted the same placement of the panthers on each side of the bag. I ended up using almost every scrap of this fabric, and while I did have to do a bit of piecing on the straps, it actually worked out almost perfectly.

I used Amy Butler Full Moon Polka Dot in Slate for the lining of the bag and the reverse side of the straps, as well as an interior pocket (trimmed with a bit of the pink polka dots from the front). As with my last bag, I used two layers of a thick fusible interfacing. It gave it enough stability so that it will stand on its own.

(a panther in the grass!)

I almost don’t want to use it, for fear of something happening to it – you never know, there could be an unexpected rain shower, I could spill my coffee all over it, the possible unpleasant scenarios are endless! Instead, I carry it from room to room so I can look at it (does anyone else do that with the things they make, or am I just crazy!)

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