too many posts about napkins?

I wordled (is that even a word?!) my blog this weekend – curious to see what words I used most often. You may have seen this already, but if not, this will create a word cloud based on text you provide – either from a bunch of text pasted into the site, or from a web page you provide. The words vary in size based on how often they’re found in the text you provide.

I used my blog, and this is what I ended up with

It seems to sum it up – the largest words in my cloud seem to be saying “(yet) Another fabric napkin project” I imagine it with the ‘yet’ added and perhaps a question mark at the end, and quite possibly a sigh from the person saying it. I guess I should ease up on the posts about napkins!

In any case, you can create your own wordle here – It’s kind of fun, and you can change all sorts of things, including the font, word direction, colors, etc.

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