An Update on the Cathedral Quilt

I’ve made a bit of progress on the quilt, though not as much as I would have liked. I started out at a good pace, but then quickly put it aside and went back to making napkins. At this rate, it really will be years before it’s large enough to use!

These are the two sections I’ve completed. I’ve been cheating a bit, and I think it may become obvious in the future. My abilities as a hand-sewer are really non-existent and so when I read on Leah’s tutorial that each square had to be hand sewn, I started to think that this wasn’t the quilt for me. I figured I could try using the machine, but found that it wasn’t able to go through all those layers of fabric. No problem – I’ll just use the machine and crank it by hand. Ok, easier said than done. I think I’d find hand sewing to be easier at this point! But now that I’ve started, and have a number of them completed with perfectly even machine stitches, I don’t think I can revert back and do it by hand.

So instead, imagine if you will, me sitting at the machine, trying to keep this in place, while keeping the white fabric folded over the patterned fabric in a pleasingly curved manner, and then trying to crank the machine by hand (which really takes more arm muscles than you’d imagine!). I’ve had some help from Morgan, who’s decided that if he helps, he can call it part his. He cranks the machine while I say “ok, go, no stop, reverse, go forward, slow…” If anyone saw this, they’d think we’re crazy…

(It makes a nice pattern on the back, as well)

Despite my lack of progress, I do have a lot of the prep work done – lots of squares cut and several of the white blocks ironed up and ready to go

I hope there will be more to show in the future!

Until then, a photo comparison:

Yesterday, and then today. Wow!

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