The Cathedral Window Quilt

Ok, so I said I’m not a quilter. In the back of my mind though I knew that I’d want to attempt it at least once. Besides, what with the enormous pile of fabric scraps I was collecting, I’d have to do something with them. The issue was deciding on one that I’d want to work on (and continue working on, perhaps for years to come!) As I was browsing a few blogs recently, I came across this picture of a quilt I knew I’d have to attempt.

Hyena in Petticoats Cathedral Quilt

You can find the entire tutorial here – Hyena in Petticoats Blog

She has wonderful photos and step by step instructions that make this seemingly impossible quilt possible. (If I can do it, anyone can!) I really liked Leah’s idea of alternating the rows of white squares, so I’m opting to do mine the same way. A decent start has been made – a sneak peek below for you.

I will post additional photos once (if) I make more progress.

And now, to leave you with an email recently received:

“dear film in the fridge,

you’ve recently become my favorite blogger, but when i went to check your site today, i was severely dissappointed to see that you’d taken the day off from enlightening me on details of your sewing endeavors. so, (like i enjoy doing when people are driving me crazy, driving too slowly on the road) i’ve come up with a few reasonable excuses for you:

1. your sewing machine is on the fritz and you’re at home, anxiously awaiting the repairman.
2. you ordered material from someone who lives in india (cause they make amazing patterns there using real dyes such as saffron and tea) and are preparing a very special piece that will surely be worth the wait.
3. you’ve taken to bed with arthritis of the fingers.

so, if any of the above are true (or if you have some better excuse) i might be willing to take you off my “give shit to” list. and if you really are sick or if your machine really is broken, i’m sorry and i hope they both get better soon.

with tons of sincerity,

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