Handmade Napkins – in various stages of completion

When I started sewing, I quickly became obsessed with the idea of making my own napkins. I think cloth napkins are great, and already had a number of them that we used on daily basis, but for some reason, the idea of making my own really seemed to appeal. It was a way of combining my love for fabric with my other love – rick rack!

(The above was purchased on Etsy from thestockroom)

Now, rick rack seems to get a bad rap from a lot of people I talk to. I’m not sure why – perhaps those same people grew up when rick rack was liberally applied to their garments, and perhaps this leaves them with bad memories. I don’t know. I can only speculate. In any case, I think it’s wonderful. Not wonderful if applied to my clothing mind you, but wonderful as a trim. On napkins, in this case.

When I say I love rick rack, I must clarify to say that I love vintage cotton rick rack. I really have no use for the polyester types that are sold these days. There’s something about the feel of the old cotton rick rack (and something about that smell, too – mmm… is that attic I smell? (yes, I do wash it all first!)). The cotton can be hard to find though, especially at the price I want to pay, so it can be kind of a hunt – thus adding to the allure I guess. [Note to everyone out there: if you have any you want to get rid of, send it my way!]

Now back to the napkins…

Here’s a stack from when I first started making them. I used whatever fabric I had, which was mainly smaller pieces, and ended up with a very mis-matched set – in size, fabric, and rick rack color.

I’ve now been trying to make matching sets of 6. This set that I just completed is made with Joel Dewberry Chestnuts fabric. Has a bit of the fall look, but I still really quite like them.

And this is another set of six – out of Amy Butler Full Moon Polka Dot fabric. These have been cut and are ready for the final sewing.

Now, what to do with them all?!

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