Flour sack towels!

It may just be an ‘ah-ha!’ type moment (although I say “ah-ha”, you may say “no kidding – it took you this long to think of that?!?”). I’ve been experimenting lately with kitchen towels. I’ve been designing and sewing my own, and using an egyptian cotton as the backing. I realized that it wouldn’t be very absorbent, and perhaps wouldn’t be ideal for use as a kitchen towel, but I really liked the look. For my own use, I was willing to accept semi-damp hands because the towel is just so cute (fashion over fit, form over function, or something like that…) Anyway, I understand that others may find this to be a nuisance, and the towel may be relegated to the back of the closet…

And hence the flour sack… it may be just what I’m looking for in a backing – absorbent, already in use in the kitchen. Now to find some in my area at a decent price. I’ll be sewing some up shortly and will report on the drying powers of the new version!

For now, here’s a peek at the current towels

and here’s the picture of the day… because in reality, this was supposed to be a photo blog!

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