Hazel – 10 months

Around about this age it becomes a bit tricky to get a decent photo of a baby on a quilt! This time around I bribed her with a shopping rewards card that had just arrived in the mail. Good fun.


Anyway, I’ve said it before, and I have to say it again – Hazel really is the happiest, most easy going baby. She’s still not a great napper (she’s still not even great at sleeping during the night, which is, um, tiring…), but it’s hard to complain when she’s so pleasant all the time. She’s desperate to walk (to keep up with Max?) and squeals in delight when she catches sight of her walking toy.


And Max even seems to find her amusing from time to time – progress!

Hazel is laying on an old quilt - my Summer Sherbet Plus quilt. I made this one when I was newly pregnant with Max and still feeling sick all the time, and I still can't really look at this quilt without feeling sick. This one will be heading back into the quilt closet!
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  1. 1
    Alice R. says:

    What a shame – it’s such a beautiful quilt! The kids are gorgeous! This was such a fun time of life for me. Thank you for letting me live it again a bit through your family.

  2. 2
    dispack says:

    Love the beautiful children and the quilt AND I spy a low volume in the background. It is great! I’ve been working on a low volume
    and struggled keeping it that way and not adding some color! πŸ™‚

  3. 3
    Diana says:

    Hazel & Max are so cute! My happy little Shannon was the same way…naps were not so easy. So I’d throw her in the car and take a drive and she’d konk. But happy babies are the best. Thanks for sharing her happy smiles πŸ™‚

  4. 4
    Linda says:

    Ah, my Monday morning happy start! You know how I love to look at those little dolls, and the quilts are cute too…lol. Girls seem to be easier than boys in my experience. Of course, my two girls were/are total opposites, too. One shy and quiet since birth, and the other outgoing and noisy. She’s the one I was sure would grow up thinking her middle name was “don’t” because I said “Taylor, don’t!” to her so much. She was always touching things. Now she’s in pre-med classes and on her way to being a doctor, so I guess all that curiosity has paid off!

    xo Linda

  5. 5
    Pat S says:

    A shopping rewards card, eh? She’s getting an early start. lol You have the cutest kids They are just gorgeous. The quilts are nice, too.

  6. 6
    Sarah Helene says:

    THANKS FOR GIVING YOUR BLOG FOLLOWERS A MONTHLY “glimpse” at Baby Hazel, now at 10 months! CUTE-AS-CAN-BE with older brother, ax, my favorite photo! To know Hazel’s an easy baby, as you mentioned her being pleasant all the time. . . and anxious to walk and follow Max around… everywhere! Sarah in Minneapolis

  7. 7
    Sarah Helene says:

    MAX, ooophsss

  8. 8
    kitty says:

    I love your updates about your beautiful children!! Please, keep them coming!!

  9. 9
    kelly says:

    It is fun seeing your kiddos! A question – please tell us about the quilt behind the kiddos and the fabrics. Can you share the quilt pattern and the fabric line. They are very beautiful! Thank-you!!!

  10. 10
    Coastal gray says:

    Could you post the quilt hanging behind the kids and tell us about it…. πŸ™‚

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