Max turned one a couple weeks ago, and I wanted to be sure to get this mosaic posted (better late than never!). I had fun photographing him on a different quilt each month, though it definitely became increasingly difficult to get him to lay still while I snapped my photo!

(bribery became necessary!)

What a great year we’ve had!

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  1. 1
    michele says:

    He just gets cuter, doesn’t he? Have fun!

  2. 2
    Michelle Kingsley says:

    Your backgrounds could be the star except for MAX. Best wishes to you both!

  3. 3
    Freddie says:

    Happy birthday Max. He is a great model.

  4. 4
    Mary Jo says:

    Time goes so fast. He is such a doll. Happy one year to all of you

  5. 5
    Debbie says:

    SO sweet! And what a great collection of photos that you’ll always treasure.

  6. 6
    Birthday Ginny says:

    Great photos! What a treat…

  7. 7
  8. 8

    what a beautiful mosaic of photos! happy birthday to your sweet boy!

  9. 9
  10. 10
    Lindsey R. says:

    He is such a cutie! Happy 1st Max!

  11. 11
    Anya says:

    What a cutie! And the quilts are fab too! Happy Birthday!

  12. 12
  13. 13
    Alice R. says:

    I’ve so enjoyed these photos as they came, and it’s nice to see them all together. What a little sweetie!

  14. 14
    elsa says:

    Gosh, they grow so fast, hard to believe it’s been a year already! He’s too cute!

  15. 15
    Linda says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

    xo Linda

  16. 16
  17. 17
    Kar says:

    Those eyes just make you melt!!! Happy Birthday Max!!

  18. 18
    di says:

    Wow, he is so stinkin’ cute. Are you getting snowed on today???

  19. 19
    Jan says:

    Max is so handsome, it’s been great watching him grow. Thanks. (You thought we were here for the quilts!)

  20. 20
  21. 21
    Andrea R. says:

    What a handsome boy! Isn’t motherhood the best?

  22. 22
    Heidi says:

    What a cutie! Love all those quilts in the background too!

  23. 23
    Cindy says:

    He is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E., Ashley!!! Love the idea of the different quilts each month. You can really see how he’s grown!! I wish I didn’t live so far away- I’d babysit in a second!! πŸ™‚

  24. 24
    ursula says:

    You have a very nice blog here.
    I’m trying to get to see your tutorials and some others like “clothes” but I get this message to pop up;
    Warning: Something’s Not Right Here!

    Do you know about it?

    • 25
      Sharon says:

      Ursula — I had a similar problem yesterday. Was looking at some of the other quilts and I kept getting a message popping up that this site had been tagged as a site that attaches unwanted links to your computer. Hoping Ashley will investigate to see if she has been hacked.

  25. 27
    Ranch Wife says:

    Well that year certainly flew by, didn’t it? He’s precious and isn’t life just grand?! Hang on, it’s going to get even better! Happy Birthday to your sweet boy!

  26. 28
    traceyjay says:

    Congratulations! He has the sweetest, brightest twinkly eyes! (and gorgeous coloring… my word!)
    Happy Birthday sweet boy!

  27. 29
    Sharon T says:

    Ohhh, he is such a doll! You bring a smile to my face every time you post a pic of him. I bet you could just eat him up!

  28. 30
    kristina says:

    He is so cute! I had a baby boy in Feburary and am thinking pictures with quilts is a great idea. I will have to start one month late!

  29. 31
    Angie says:

    Such a great idea! Your “patchwork” display of your “creations” is simply adorable. Congrats on making sure that you captured every precious month!

  30. 32
    Audrie says:

    He’s such a cutie!!! Happy birthday lil man πŸ™‚

  31. 33
    Raven says:

    One already?!?!? Goodness – that went fast didn’t it? He is just the cutest Ashley! xoxo

  32. 34
  33. 35
    Marie says:

    What a handsome little fellow! And a perfect way to profile your work. Love the collection of quilts.

  34. 36
    Alli says:

    Max is adorable! I love his big eyes and that last picture with his prize. πŸ˜€

  35. 37
    Laura says:

    Max sure is a cutie!

  36. 38
    CitricSugar says:

    He’s just so cute! A wonderful mosaic of baby and quilts. Pretty cool.

    My nephew is just over one and becomes harder to photograph by the minute…. Enjoy year two!

  37. 39
    Lindsay says:

    Love the mosaic and happy birthday to Max!

  38. 40
    Tamie says:

    Max is such a cutie. Thanks for sharing the year with us.

  39. 41
    Marisa says:

    What an adorable baby. Congrats. Lucky to play around of so many beautiful quilts!

  40. 42

    Wow, one! What a lovely set of photos of a gorgeous boy (and gorgeous quilts, of course!)

  41. 43
    Angie says:

    And how cute he is! Happy birthday, Max!

  42. 44
    Marianne says:

    Wonderful! Beautiful mosaic. Great idea… Max in white with colorful quilts. Looks like a birthday card for each grandparent!

  43. 45
    Marianne says:

    What a sweetie! Happy Birthday, Max!

  44. 46
    Steph says:

    Happy birthday, Max! Your mosaic is wonderful. I wish I’d done something like that when my son was young.

  45. 47
    Lori Smanski says:

    your quilts are lovely. but your model just steals the show. so very adorable. you have a looker on your hands. LOL

  46. 48
  47. 49
    Cindy Thomas says:

    Fantastic pictorial!

  48. 50

    I don’t comment ever but read your blog weekly. This post deserved a comment! Max is SO precious and so is your family. Many blessings to Max and your family! This photo collage brought a smile to my face. So sweet! I also love your quilting. πŸ™‚

  49. 51
    Carol says:

    What a fantastic collage!!! So many beautiful quilts and one adorable baby.

  50. 52
    Sharon says:

    Hasn’t the year just flown by? Your quilts are amazing — yours was the first website that I ever bookmarked for inspiration and your talent continues to astound me. I don’t know if you are aware, but when I went to your actual website and clicked on a couple of the quilts to get a close up look a message came on my screen saying they are linked to an ‘attack site’ that might put unwanted programs on the computer. Just wanted to give a heads up that maybe someone has hacked your site making it impossible for others to look at your older quilt posts. HOPE NOT!!

  51. 53

    What a lovely way to memorialize every month of his precious first year of life!
    Thanks so much for sharing…..

  52. 54

    It’s possible that Max is the cutest baby ever.

  53. 55

    Happy Birthday to Max!! He is just adorable πŸ™‚ Gosh, they sure grow so fast.

  54. 56
    Suzanne says:

    I love the backdrops for the photos. What a proud mama you must be!

  55. 57
    Camilla says:

    He’s gorgeous, congratulations! If Max is 1 that means I’ve been being inspired by your blog and those lovley quilts for just over a year. It,s gone fast!

  56. 58
    Emily says:

    Max is so adorable. I LOVE the mosaic. Crazy how fast a year goes by, huh?

  57. 59
    Kate says:

    What pattern is that last quilt, where he is sitting up with the cupful of Cheerios? Is it merely a square made up of three triangles of one color with a white one finishing it off?
    Thanks! Kate

  58. 60
    Kathleen says:

    Thank you for all the pics. He is just so adorable.

  59. 61
    Kersten says:

    Congratulations!! One year is such a fun age. When my second baby turned one he had his first cupcake. He liked it so much that I gave him a second. That was apparently too much because he threw up later. Poor little guy. This mama felt bad! Max is such a cutie! It has been fun seeing him grow and I have really enjoyed the quilts also!

  60. 62

    The mosaic is great, i’d get it printed just as it is!! P.S. Congrats on making it one year!

  61. 63
  62. 64
    Better life says:

    wow what a cute idea, so colorful and fun and heΒ΄s adorable.

  63. 65
    Brenda says:

    Honestly, I don’t think they get any cuter than that!

  64. 66
    Martie says:

    Congratulations! He’s just absolutely adorable. How wonderful that you captured his photo each month on a new quilt. I know it’s easy to get caught up being busy and forget to regularly record those precious times.

  65. 67
    Michelle says:

    So cute. I love the quilt in the last picture (with the bribery). Do you know what that pattern is called? Thanks.

  66. 68
    Lorraine says:

    No way! He can’t already be one, can he?? Ah, but that mosaic is too adorable!

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