converging corners, take 2

Another converging corners quilt! Made so I could get in my Flea Market Fancy fix (I had to make a little something that combined both the original and Legacy reprint, right?!) and so that I could have a chance to practice that floral quilting pattern a bit more (you can read more about that in this post).

Last time I felt like the floral design got a bit lost since I had used it all over, so this time I quilted straight lines through the center of each block, creating a little separation for the floral design I quilted in each converging corner. I’m happy with how it turned out, and love that you can see it so well on the back!

My Converging Corners block tutorial can be found here.

The Flea Market Fancy Legacy reprint can be found in full at Hawthorne Threads, Fabricworm (at 20% off until the end of today!), and Nido.

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