Project Improv blocks

I’m a little late in finishing up and mailing my project improv blocks. I’m going to blame it on being away from home for a month, but more likely it’s just due to my procrastinating nature. I signed up for the red/aqua group (I think!).  Recently I won a giveaway over at Valori Wells’ blog and she sent me a whole bag of great fabric scraps, many of them in perfect red and aqua prints… Thanks Valori!


You’ll see those incorporated into the red/aqua block I made. I added in just a touch of green and yellow for a little bit of extra color and interest.


And then because I had so many pink scraps out from recent projects, I did up an orange/pink block as well.


Jacquie is doing such a great job putting together the charity quilts and I can’t wait to see these blocks incorporated into one of those quilts. Take a look here to see some of the lovely tops that have already been completed. Thanks for all your hard work Jacquie!

p.s. I’ve been really enjoying your comments recently. Sometimes I laugh out loud, and at those times I’m glad that there’s no one near me who might find that behavior kind of crazy! Several of you have asked questions also, and as much as I’d like to answer them all personally, I realize that I’m just not that organized. I think I’m going to blame it on gmail – so many of those comments that I know I want to answer seem to get lost in my inbox (I’m sure there’s a better way of organizing my email… just haven’t figured it out yet!). In any case, this is to let you know that I’ll try to answer all comments in the comment section of that post, so if you’ve asked one, please check there for the answer!

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8 Responses to Project Improv blocks

  1. 1

    I LOVE that pink and orange block. It is inspiring me as I have a LOT of pink and orange fabric. so fun. And lately I’m also loving the red and aqua combination too.

  2. 2
    turtlewon says:

    Okay, my question is how you get so much done in a day? You don’t have to answer… love the pink and orange block (and the bicycle!). Can’t wait to see it in person!

  3. 3
    Chris says:

    Do you know what that bicycle fabric is? I LOVE IT! Also, you adding some different colors to the first blocks really does make it. Otherwise it wouldn’t seem as rich. Well done!

  4. 4
    admin says:

    Hi Chris – Thanks! The bike fabric is an older (now out of print) fabric from Heather Ross’s Lightning Bugs line. I think you can still find some on Ebay or Etsy…

  5. 5
    Ellen says:

    I love the fish in the bag in the center of the pink and orange block!

  6. 6
    jacquie says:

    both gorgeous! can’t wait to put them into some quilt tops!! thanks for the kind words too…it really is my pleasure!

  7. 7
    sally says:

    Those two blocks are just beautiful. Your talent is amazing. I like the way you have just the bike in one block and just the fish in the bag in another block.

  8. 8
    Sarah says:

    Adorable blocks!! Love them both!!

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