happy birthday

to me!

My sister gave me this beautiful package this morning. I love it when the wrapping is as wonderful as the gift inside. (She does have an advantage, working at a store that sells such lovely paper products!)

Inside, I found this wonderful letterpress calendar

This beautiful calendar is made by Linda & Harriett out of Brooklyn, NY. I love the unexpected design for each month, such as these cute cake stands for March –

The best part about this is that Whitney remembered how much I liked a calendar I saw that was framed, so she had a mat cut for this frame (off-center… my favorite!) so that I could insert the current month’s page and hang it above my desk. I can’t wait for Jan, 2009!

If you’re still looking, this might make a great gift! (and it looks like Linda & Harriett is giving 20% off through 12/19 if you use the code ‘friends’)

I’m overjoyed with mine – thanks Whit!!

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16 Responses to happy birthday

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    Happy Birthday! Your new calendar is beautiful – enjoy your day 🙂

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    Kim says:

    Happy birthday my dear cousin-in-law! This year is bound to bring many great days. I wish you lots of laughs too! Cake stands in March – how apropos!

  5. 5
    Alexis says:

    Happy Birthday to you! This is a good day for a birthday.

  6. 6
    Casey says:

    Happy Birthday! I love the frame for the calendar

  7. 7
    anina says:

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing the calendar. It would make a lovely Christmas gift.

  8. 8
    Katherine says:

    Happy B-day!! Love your gifts :0)

  9. 9
    Liz says:

    WOW. That is one thoughtful sister! (Who has great taste!) I love each month displayed on it’s own – and a frame is a great touch!

    Enjoy! And Happy Birthday!


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  11. 11

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy your birthday weekend!

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    jacquie says:

    happy birthday to yooooooooouu! love the framing the calendar idea…genius!

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    terriaw says:

    Happy Birthday! What a beautiful gift-wrapping. I also love that letterpress calendar – lucky you. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  15. 15
    Alexis says:

    Ashley, I feel like a total idiot because I’ve had your package packed up for a while and I cannot find the address to send it to you! Will you please e-mail me your address again, and I’ll send out the package tomorrow? I hope you’ll find that it’s worth the wait…

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    Ginger says:

    Ashley– I’ve had trouble getting to your site lately, hence this belated birthday greeting. Hope you had a great weekend! I’m always so impressed by your quilting and sewing. Those baby blankets were too sweet. I’m wondering if you sell them (for gifts, not our house!). BTW, do you make doll blankets for a certain small cousin?

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