I need this fabric… (Denyse Schmidt Flea Market Fancy)

Ok, maybe I don’t need it. I just really, really want it.

Perhaps I’m the only one, but when I find a fabric I love, I can’t seem to stop thinking about it until I get my hands on some. My fabric of choice for this moment: a print from an older Denyse Schmidt line, Flea Market Fancy. I have two tiny scraps of this print in green, but since the line is out of print, I can’t seem to find any (in any color!) in any size bigger than the scraps I already have.

Of course, I don’t have any specific plans for this fabric. I just want to have it.

I’ve already spent more than enough time searching the internet with no luck. On the rare occasions when I have found it for sale, it’s been snatched by a luckier bidder…

So here is my plea — If anyone has some they want to part with, or finds any online (being a better internet searcher than I am), please let me know. I would try my best to find some way to reward you for your efforts!

Edit: Just one day after posting this, I managed to find 3 yards of the yellow fabric on Ebay… (yeah!) The search continues for the other colors though…

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    evensweeter says:

    but dare i point out that if you had a wholesale account with westminster, you could probably get some?

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    Mymsie says:

    I am the same way and I love this fabric – especially the lime and turquoise.

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    Jessie says:

    That is too funny–I almost bought the 3 yards on eBay!

    I am obsessed with this fabric, especially the green and blue, but alas can’t find it either. But I did find this site, in Australia, which has a few of the other colors. It seems expensive, but if you really want it…


    If you happen to find the green or blue, enough to share, I’d happily go in with you on an order!!!

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    I have news…I was in a quilt store this weekend and saw some for you. I think it’s funny you’re so obsessed you changed your little URL icon to that.

    Anyway, it was Tumbleweed quilts on Cape Cod. http://www.tumbleweedquilts.com They had grey, orange, green, and pink (the colors are pretty bright). They had a fair amount of each one. They don’t do online ordering, but I’m sure if you called they would do a phone order. You can tell them I sent you…they read my blog.

    Hope that helps!

    P.S. I have some in my stash and have used it quite a bit so I know the appeal…

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    Fran says:

    I have several scrap bags of what I believe is this fabric…. 2 scrap bags and 4 skinny scrap bags. I also have the book. None of this has been used, it was a gift to me and not “my style” of fabric for quilting. Anyone interested??

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    Annalia says:

    Oh My Goodness! I feel exactly the same way! It took me forever just to figure out what line this fabric was from! ….I’d love to do something with the gray and the gray&yellow flower from Hope Valley! …If you find some in a store/online, please let me know where!

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