The couch (finally) gets some pillows

We bought a new couch about 6 months ago. It’s really long and just cries out for pillows. I figured I’d make a few, and even went so far as to order fabric (two Amy Butler prints) and buy the pillow inserts.

A couple months went by – no pillows.

I finally made one of the small ones, but then got caught up with other projects. It was a sad-looking couch for a while – one small green polka dot pillow and another with a pillow cover I purchased at April Cornell years ago (which really was not the best colors and completely did not match the new pillow).

We had guests for dinner the other night and I got the urge to finally sew those pillow covers. I only thought of it about half an hour before they arrived though, and consequently only had time to complete one of the larger ones. So despite my best efforts, things still weren’t completed and still didn’t match!

I finally got them all finished last night, and now can show the couch in all its glory. (ok, ok, I’m sure the couch doesn’t care, but I think the new pillows suit it quite nicely!)

The original plan was to also use the Amy Butler Full Moon Polka Dot in Camel, but as with any fabric that sits here too long, I already used it for another project!

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