A tale of two bags… twin market bags in Amy Butler fabrics

I love these twin bags! (They’re not identical, so I guess we’ll have to call them fraternal twin bags.) I’ve made these market bags in the past, using Martha Stewart dishtowels. That set gets used daily and I really think the design we came up with is great. The size is super for groceries, and they’ve really held up well.

I decided to make some new ones out of this lovely gray and mustard colored Amy Butler fabric. If you’ll recall, I made a skirt using this same fabric combo, so I guess I’ll have to remember not to use this bag while wearing that skirt!

Both bags are reversible and both have some light interfacing on the bottom panels for some additional support and stability. If you didn’t want to use them for groceries, they’d also be great as book bags, beach bags, or just simple totes… so versatile!

I think they should remain as a set, but my sister seems to already have her eye on the dark gray version… we’ll see…

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    Cute bags. They look nice and roomy for shopping…

    I nominated you for a little award over on my blog…stop by and see. You can play along if you’d like, but don’t worry if you don’t want to…

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    Lydia Covey says:

    Hi there!! I love you bags… and am so happy to find your tutorials. I am so excited to go buy soem Orla Keily towels to make a bag. But, I’m sad to not find a tutorial for this bag (your first market bag, with side panels). I think I’m going to like that size better. Would you possibly write up a tut. for these? Or even if you could just email me your measurements for the pattern sizes I shoulld be able to make it easily. Thanksa bunch. (i can’t find you email address, so I’m leaving a comment)
    Blessings, Lydia

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