a less colorful checkered garden?

A couple things! I still have not yet contacted any long arm quilters about quilting my king sized checkered garden quilt. Mostly because I dread the thought of having to iron all those seams again. I also can’t seem to decide on a backing. Probably an extra wide one so I don’t have to piece it, but which one?! A print? Another solid?

If you’d like to make up a similar-looking checkered garden quilt, I worked with Beth at Stash Fabrics to put together a large FQ bundle of many of the Kona solids I used in my original quilt. You can snag a bundle right here. My Checkered Garden tutorial is here if you want to make your own.

Anyway, despite not finishing the original, I keep thinking about making another one. I really like the idea of a less colorful version. I took a photo of a couple of my favorite blocks and had Morgan make a very rough mock up of what a quilt would look like if you were to use one block duplicated for the entire quilt.

I like the new pattern that emerges, but now can’t seem to commit to one set of 5 colors! (though I’m leaning to the one above)

Or you could make it just a tiny bit easier and use a plus sign in the center of each block instead of a 9 patch –

Ah, so many options, not enough time! But certainly fun to think about!

_ _ _

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