stripe maze


This quilt had a bit of a slow start. I knew I wanted to play around with stripes again, and wanted to use Leslie Keating’s screen printed fabrics (I had pulled my entire Maze & Vale stash out when making this quilt, and wanted to make one out of her blue and green prints).


I started making a few striped sections, but then was at a loss as to what to do with them. I made a few more sections, still nothing. I was getting a little worried that I had just chopped up my hoarded fabrics for nothing, so I decided to set it aside for a while.

(little helper!)

A while later I pulled those sections back out and put them up on the design wall. I started filling in with some additional prints and a black and white striped fabric and suddenly I started really liking it (that’s always a good thing!)


It’s so fun to see all these Maze & Vale prints in one quilt. And interestingly enough, despite spending years collecting these prints, I didn’t even feel sad cutting them up and using up most of my stash – maybe I’m getting better about my hoarding! It certainly is nicer having them in a quilt where I can see them all.


Check back on Monday for a little giveaway (it’s been a while!). I plan on putting together a little bundle of Maze and Vale prints to give away. They’re just too good and I’d love to share a bit of my stash with one of you! Have a happy weekend!



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