mismatched stripes


Unlike some of the others, I didn’t let this one sit around too long unfinished. I’m quite in love with this line, Carkai, by Carolyn Friedlander and really wanted to see this one as a finished quilt.


I love the mix of colors in this collection, and thought it would be fun to pair up the prints and make up a variety of striped blocks. I had received a generous gift of a layer cake of this line from one of my sponsors, Lady Belle Fabric, and thought these stripes could be the perfect use for those 10″ squares. [Luckily I had a bit of fabric left over from my previous Carkai quilt, so I was able to make up more blocks (and a few larger/longer blocks) than I would have had I only been using the layer cake.]


I decided not to make the blocks a uniform size, which of course made it more of a challenge to sew together!, but gives that look I love so much. I stuck them up on my design wall as I made them, and didn’t actually do too much rearranging before sewing them together (other than filling in some empty spots)


The backing is mostly this fun print in this great green, along with a little pieced strip of some of the other prints.


I decided to quilt this one with straight lines on the diagonal – I varied the widths of the straight lines in both directions and I love the resulting texture.


A little solid binding to wrap it up and a quick wash to really show off that great texture!


This one measures about 50″ x 75″. I think it’ll make for a spot of fun color in our living room!



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