Right after Spring Quilt Market I managed to snag a couple bundles of the then-upcoming new Cotton + Steel collections. Clearly working to get them early wasn’t really necessary, as I’m only just now (while attempting to snag a couple of the new C+S bundles just shown at Fall Quilt Market – ha!) finally getting around to finishing a quilt out of one of the bundles.


These prints are from Kim Kight’s Lucky Strikes line, along with a few matching solids and a print or two that paired well with this grouping. I originally thought I’d do something with stripes, so cut up all the fat quarters into strips and sewed them together. After sewing them all together, I decided it wasn’t working for me so I set it aside. Strangely enough, while I have no problem leaving quilt tops for years, unfinished blocks really bug me. For some reason I just can’t let them go. These strips kept hounding me, so finally I decided to pull them back out and make something, anything, out of them.

I ultimately cut them into triangles, thinking I’d maybe do some flying geese, but then didn’t like it once cut. Luckily while messing around with them on the design wall I decided I liked them rearranged into these squares. If I had planned to sew them together like this from the start I could have made sure the fabrics all lined up, but luckily I kind of like that there are a few non-matching squares.


I love this Espresso yarn dyed Essex from Robert Kaufman, and felt it made a nice background for these printed squares. I mixed them up with the pieced squares and threw them up on the design wall. Even though it’s in no way what I originally imagined, I’m still pleased with how it turned out. And guess what? Now I can put it away in a closet and no longer obsess over the unfinished blocks!

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  1. 1
    erin says:

    those colors pop against that essex! it looks amazing, Ashley.

  2. 2
    Mel says:

    I do like this style of quilt very much, and you do it really well. I like the random layout and the mix of different size strips. Very nice. I know what you mean about orphan blocks bugging you. Me too. But then so do unfinished anythings – I’m a completer finisher. Very rare, I think!!

  3. 3
    Lael says:

    The quilt has such an antique look to me. I’m not sure why, but it already looks well loved and adored. AND, once it’s quilted and thrown across a sofa it will look like it’s been there for decades.

  4. 4
    Coastal gray says:

    The layout and solid gray go so nicely with the blocks…. Looking forward to seeing how you finish it….

  5. 5
    Elizabeth says:

    It’s awesome, as your designs always are!

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