baby boy triangles


I always love making quilts when I know who the recipient will be, and it’s especially fun when said recipient is a new baby, so this quilt for a neighbor and friend’s brand new baby boy was a joy to make!


I had it in mind keep it pretty modern and thought shades of grays would be appropriate. Though after cutting a bunch of gray triangles I was afraid it might be looking a bit depressing for a little baby. Rather than scrapping the idea, I decided to try adding a few more fabrics and added in some more black and white prints and the blue and red solids. I think it added enough color and bit of whimsy to make it feel appropriate for a little one.


There are a lot of favorite prints in there, and it was fun to actually use them! The black heart on white print is a favorite from Maze & Vale, which I purchased from Salty Oat (looks like it’s gone now, but this bundle would be a great substitution!). I also got to use this Umbrella Prints print, an old Yoshiko Jinzenji print, and a bit of Carolyn Friedlander’s Doe fabric.


The pattern is one I’ve made a couple times previously. I never came up with a catchy name for this pattern, so I always refer to it as ‘pointy triangles’, but really it deserves better than that! I first made it out of Cotton + Steel, then again in Lotta Jansdotter’s Follie. Windham Fabrics calls it Carnival, and has a free pattern for it on their site, in case you’re interested!


I used Robert Kaufman’s Essex linen in black for the backing, which gives it a nice weight, and kept the quilting simple with straight lines on either side of all seams.


Wrapped and gifted! I hope this one will be well-loved!

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27 Responses to baby boy triangles

  1. 1
    Chris Hart says:

    So beautiful!! How big are the triangles?

  2. 2
    Maureen says:

    Hi! My first comment here, or maybe the second. But I am a dedicated lurker.
    I’m sure you know how black and white patterns really help the whole brain-eyesight thing
    in babies. So this quilt is Perfect for a baby boy!
    🙂 Happy day to you and your two little ones from maureen and
    josephina ballerina aka jb the cat

  3. 3
    Melinda says:

    Love it! You have such a great eye for color.

  4. 4
    Ami Krenzel says:

    I think that there is a great balance of the red and blue to add that pop of color in just the right amount. I too always am kinda sad when I use the last of a piece of favorite fabric, but am glad that I get to use them over and over in many quilts.

  5. 5
    Alice R. says:

    Love this one! Thank you for sharing the pattern.

  6. 6
    Shelley S MN says:

    I love the pop of colors with the neutral background. I am sure it will be used and cherished.

  7. 7
    Marla Varner says:

    Great use of color and fabrics in this baby quilt.

  8. 8
  9. 9
    Sarah Helene says:

    Chic & sophisticated design as well as color choices & placement in the array of triangles in your quilt! Perfection, using high quality cottons. Love the “pops” of bright red, teal & aqua randomly placed among light & dark grays plus black & white prints. BRAVO for a unique baby boy’s quilt! Sarah in Minneapolis

  10. 10
    Susan Jonsson says:

    Well, I love it….if for some impossible reason your neighbor isn’t fond of it….:) Shall I leave my address ? Another gorgeous quilt….I have a grand daughter coming…..Love to try a girl version like yours….I too think your composition, fabric choice and colors are fabulous….Can’t wait to see what magic you come up with next!

  11. 11
    Judy Tucker says:

    This is awesome. Love the bold color combinations which create such beautiful contrast. This design will last a lifetime! Lucky baby!

  12. 12
    Caroline says:

    What a gorgeous quilt and lucky baby boy!

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  14. 13

    I love the colours and the design. Inspirational

  15. 14

    This is lovely Ashley, a wonderful way to use some special prints along with solids. Always a treat to see organic fabrics from small Australian designers too.

  16. 15
    Gigi Voegeli says:

    I think this one is the best one yet. I really like the negative space. Great job!

  17. 16
    Carla says:

    This version is just gorgeous Ashley and will be a quilt he can grow in to. Beautiful!

  18. 17
    Lea says:

    What a perfect baby boy quilt! I just love the fabrics and colors you used.

  19. 18
    becky moyer says:

    Such a great color pallet! Thanks too for the link to the free pattern. I tried to make one of these with an accuquilt die and my points were awful! LOL

  20. 19
  21. 20
    Pam says:

    I love the graphic look and the colors in this! It will appeal to a baby too! Thanks for sharing!

  22. 21
    Doreen says:

    I love Triangle-Quilts very much … Lovely colors … Great for a little boy !!

    Liebgruß Doreen

  23. 22
    Cindy says:

    This is just gorgeous! I love the pops of color added to the grays- just perfect!

  24. 23
    Kristin says:

    What a lovely mix of colors! Your instinct was right to add in what you did. <3

  25. 24
    tl says:

    The first thing I saw when I looked at the triangles were baseball pennants.

  26. 25
    Kathy says:

    So very lovely! The colors play so well together!

  27. 26
    Danica says:

    LOVE trianlge quilts! I need to make one. This one is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing and the link to the pattern.

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