a tale of twin quilts.


Here’s another old one that I finally finished up! I’ve been trying my best to alternate new quilts with older quilts, and it’s been working well so far. After working on something new, I decided it was time for this one to see the light of day.


Maybe you remember this one? After my sister snagged this great vintage quilt at an estate sale (something I had the chance to buy first!), I decided I wanted to remake it so I’d have one too. I made mine out of Liberty of London prints – I scrounged my stash for blue prints and am happy that I was able to find enough to recreate this design.


I love the churn dash block, and think it’s particularly fun when put together without any sashing. I tried to keep my version as similar to the inspiration piece as possible, and I’m happy with the outcome. It’s not a vintage quilt, but it’ll have to do!


I splurged on a Liberty print for backing from Nido and got it basted. I knew I wanted to do a bit of handquilting, but since I don’t really trust my hand quilting skills, I also knew I’d want to add a bit of machine quilting as well. I decided on some diagonal straight lines, and then went ahead and tied the centers of the larger white squares and handquilted a square in the center of each of the churn dash blocks around the perimeter.


I talked my sister and her husband into yet another quilty photo shoot on the frozen lake. They weren’t thrilled with the icy winds and the fact that we were all without hats and mittens… and then Erich fell into a big hole.


I’m not sure they’ll be up for another photo shoot in the near future!


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