friendship bracelet quilt

The old blog may be a bit quiet for the next few weeks while we work on packing and moving. I packed most of my fabric and quilts and it was a tad embarrassing. It’s easy to ignore all those things packed away in various closets, but harder when they’re all boxed up in front of you!


In the midst of it all, I felt I should quickly sandwich and quilt something. This quilt had been waiting for a while, so I pulled it out and  and gave it the straight line treatment.


These solids are Alissa Haight Carlton’s Modern Solids, made up as half rectangle triangles (though the design could just as easily be made with half square triangles – I just happened to be playing with rectangles at the time!). I had a fat quarter of each color, so you may see here and there where I didn’t have quite enough fabric and had to add in something similar.


The backing is pieced with all the leftovers, including a bunch of leftover triangles. It was kind of a fun challenge, as I was down to smaller pieces, with barely enough to get a backing made.


Ah, there’s something I really love about quilts out of all solids!

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