the 5th annual Action Kivu fundraiser


It’s time for the Action Kivu fundraiser, organized by Alissa Haight Carlton. It’s a really wonderful way to raise money for the women of the Congo (and maybe win yourself a great prize at the same time!).

This nonprofit offers sewing workshops to the women of the Congo, teaching them skills to be able to provide for themselves and their families and also helps to fund the education of the children affected by the conflict. You can read more about their mission here.


I spent a little time reading through their blog and was moved by some of the stories of the graduating sewing students. It’s so hard to imagine what some of them have been through, yet they all talk about having hope after graduating the program. What a great feeling to know that our fundraising efforts have in part been able to give these women hope and a renewed outlook on life.


Donating is easy, and every little bit counts! Together lets help Alissa meet her $15,000 goal. Hop on over to Alissa’s blog to donate and to enter to win one of the great prizes.


Help spread the word on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Let’s get to that $15,000 goal!

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