Did you know Lotta Jansdotter has a new line coming out with Windham Fabrics? I didn’t, so it was a really fun surprise when I received this lovely bundle. I have always loved Lotta’s prints, and I love how this new one is instantly recognizable as her work. I’m quite fond of the pink and that periwinkle blue included in this collection (and the yellow, and the grays…oh, and the orange…).


I had recently finished a similar quilt out of Cotton + Steel, and thought it might be fun to see those pointy triangles made up with other fabrics. I grouped the prints again, but this time I added in a few more solids and instead of using lots of white, I used a few different grays.


I love the mix of colors and I’m particularly fond of how these prints play so well with so many different solids. And of course I still really love those triangles!


Follie is due to start shipping in November.



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