a quilt for baby eva


My cousin had a baby girl a couple months ago and of course that called for a baby quilt! I always love a simple patchwork quilt, and arranging squares into this plus design is a favorite way to showcase great fabrics.


While I’m usually all about the pink, I decided to go less girly on this one, using lots of prints from the pretty line Meadow, by Leah Duncan. Those greens, yellows and oranges make me happy and perfectly fit the season.


I loved your backing suggestions, and almost ordered up some of the green Lizzy House pearl bracelet print, but in the end decided to be good and use up what I had.


The quilt measures about 45″ wide, so a bit wider than your standard fabric, which meant that I had to do a bit of piecing to make my stripes long enough. I was annoyed initially to have made more work for myself, but now I’m pleased it worked out that way – I’m always happy to be able to use up all the extras (I haven’t been so good at using up my scraps lately, so I like it when a quilt doesn’t create too many scraps!)

My sewing machine is under the weather, so I haven’t been able to do much sewing, but I made up for it this weekend when my mom loaned me her machine. Since I only had the machine for the weekend, I opted for some simple straight lines on the sides of each seam. It’s simple, but I really love the way it looks, and even more, I love how soft it keeps the quilt.


I went dark with the binding – there are a few prints in there that have a bit of navy, and I really like the contrast. I went digging into my solid stash for something, and happened to come across this dark (navy? charcoal?) sketch print, and I think it’s quite perfect!

I certainly hope that Eva will get lots of use out of this one!

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