Hazel – 6 months


Ah, Hazel! Six months already! It’s crazy to think 6 months have already gone by, but at the same time it really does seem like she’s always been part of the family (I’ve always heard people say that, but now I actually get it).


She’s not yet sitting up, but rolling everywhere and making a very concerted effort to creep forward. And despite my best efforts to interest her in her own toys, she passes those by for anything of Max’s (much to his dismay!).


(with their respective bribes!)

Max is certainly one of Hazel’s favorite people, and occasionally he seems to find her quite amusing as well. It’s so nice to see those little interactions and I certainly hope that as time goes on we’ll see them more often.


We had cupcakes to celebrate her half year (Hazel had sweet potatoes!)

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