a handmade maternity wardrobe


Lately I’ve been sewing lots of tops. I haven’t found too many maternity tops I like in the stores, so I decided to sew up a few of my own. It’s been nice to use up some of my voile stash, and I’m hoping that these tops will work both as maternity wear and then also as a looser, flowy (and concealing!) top after the baby’s born.


First up, these simple 3/4 sleeve tops. I didn’t have a pattern for these – I just traced (and enlarged and lengthened) a favorite top I already own.


And this one is the same pattern but with a slightly altered neckline


This next one is a top from the Stylish Dress Book. I’m embarrassed to say how long I’ve owned this book, yet up until now hadn’t done more than just flip through it for the photos. I suppose not having instructions in English was kind of intimidating. I went for version B, which is a simple design with a gathered neckline and a two piece gathered sleeve. I had to lengthen it quite a bit, and if I made it again, might even add an extra inch or two. I also discovered that this book has now been translated into English, making it that much easier to sew these patterns.


Lastly, I had a chance to be a pattern tester for Toni Coward of Make It Perfect. (You may recall my love for her Shearwater Kaftan – a few of the tops I’ve made here and here). Anyway, Toni is currently pregnant and designed the Waterfall Blouse, which is a maternity friendly pattern. I made up one in rayon, as seen above, and also this lighter weight one in voile which will be perfect for the warmer weather which must surely be coming.


I love how quickly these came together, and especially love that they work for the pregnant and non-pregnant alike (you should go take a peek at Toni’s blog to see how it looks on Toni at 28 weeks pregnant and also on her sister, who’s not pregnant). I also like how you can change up the look by making the yoke and the main shirt portion in different fabrics.


So as to not be totally selfish, I also made a few new pieces for Max’s wardrobe. These Treasure Pocket Pants are a favorite (right up there with Anna Maria’s Quick Change Trousers!). Max selected the prints for these pants, and happily they’re in constant rotation over here.


This shirt, The Easy Linen Shirt, is from the same book, Sewing for Boys, and I’ve been waiting for him to be big enough to fit into the size 2. I made one up in some baby wale charcoal corduroy (the remains from a Tova dress I made for myself), along with a bit of a car print for the inside collar. The fact that there are cars on the shirt makes it a winner in Max’s book!

It’s been fun expanding our wardrobes, and it’s certainly fun to look in my closet and see so many handmade tops, but now it’ back to quilts for me! I have a couple new ones to show you this week, and several more which are just waiting to be finished!


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