a voile quilt/blanket for me!


A couple years ago I made up a bunch of voile blankets backed in flannel in preparation for Max’s birth. My most favorite was this patchwork version, and in that post I mentioned how I really wanted one in an adult size. Well, it took me over two years, but I finally have my very own voile/flannel blanket!


I used 6″ squares of all my favorite Anna Maria Horner voiles and backed it with white flannel. It’s not technically a quilt, since there are only two layers, but I did quilt it on either side of each seam to avoid shifting, and I bound it as you would a quilt.


I absolutely love the weight! It’s light, yet still soft and snuggly, and I’m quite sure that I will get a lot of use out of it. For now, it’s an extra quilt for cold nights, but I think it’ll be my go to quilt/blanket during summer nights.


Oh, and in case you’re looking, Brenda at Pink Castle Fabrics has lots of Anna Maria Horner voiles available, including many of the prints I used in this quilt!

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