I gave in and started a new quilt. We all knew I wouldn’t be able to resist.

I’m not typically one to make quilts for specific holidays, but on a whim I pulled out all my red, pink and purple solids and then quite liked how they all looked together.


I didn’t have a pattern in mind, so they sat in a stack for a day or two. I figured I’d return them to the stash if I didn’t come up with anything, but then I found a little inspiration while watching an old episode of Real World Las Vegas (boy, I’m embarrassed to even type that!) We cancelled our cable service recently and now it’s slim pickings. I hope you won’t judge! Anyway, there was a wall partially covered with trim, and in the brief glimpse I got, I thought it could be a fun idea for these solids.


Though it will make it more of a challenge to put together in the end, I decided to go with randomly-sized rectangles and I’m hoping to be able to fit them all together in the end. So far I’m liking how it looks on the design wall!

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