a colorful trip


Can I blame the weather for my lack of blogging? I realize there have been a lot of these quilts pictured on blogs recently, but I wanted to get my finished quilt top up on the blog so I have record of it. I’ve tried to get photos of it for the last couple weeks, but the weather has certainly conspired against me – it’s been windy, bitterly cold, and of course, growing dark round about 4:30. Ah, winter in Vermont! Anyway, I’m giving up and admitting that this is the best I can do.


Most ended up looking like this!

But anyway, the quilt… this is a trip around the world, made using this tutorial. I love it as a scrappy quilt, and I really love that I was able to use up many scraps, as well as many older fabrics that have been hanging around. It was really quick to put together, and strangely addictive. I woke up each morning excited to see some additional blocks come together. Now I’m trying to decide on a backing and a quilting pattern!


Speaking of backings, I did well last week putting together backings for some older quilts. This one is a particular favorite – I used up a good portion of solid grays from my stash, as well as these cute rainbow blocks which I made previously, but didn’t end up using. Since my goal this year is to use up some stash, I’m really pleased with this one, which is made up entirely of stash fabrics! The quilting was pretty quick too. I went with this stem quilting again (previously used on my Glimma cross quilt) but on a slightly larger scale. Now let’s hope that we get some slightly warmer weather soon so I can snap a few photos!

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