couture angles

Yay, solids! I don’t often make quilts out of just solids – somehow even when I intend to just use solids, those prints sneak their way in the mix – but this quilt reminds me that all solids can be quite fun!

This one is made up of all my favorite Michael Miller Cotton Couture colors. I’ve been using a lot of these solids lately, and I really love them. There are some great colors (though I wish there were more!) and the feel is really nice – so smooth and soft. I selected a number of colors and then randomly paired them to make up these half square triangles.

On the back I used a neutral along with a colorful strip of many of the colors from the front.

I wasn’t sure how to quilt it, so this one sat for a while, all sandwiched and ready. I considered some straight lines, or maybe some angular free motion quilting, but in the end found my inspiration once again from Angela Walters. Near the end of her book she shows how you can quilt simple arcs to fill irregularly sized blocks, but I thought it might be fun to see if I could quilt it as an allover continuous design, making a series of large flowers.

Due to the size of my blocks, each flower is quilted over four half square triangle units, so it definitely ended up being a large scale quilting design. I like it on this quilt, since it also keeps it nice and soft without too much quilting, but I think next time I’d definitely want to go with a smaller grid, and consequently smaller flowers.

So I’m thinking this will become my couch quilt for the winter. Now that it’s dark so early, I really need some nice happy colors to keep me sane through another long Vermont winter!

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