Friday fabric stack #6

I had it in mind to pick a stack in fall colors, but instead ended up with this, in pretty spring like colors. Maybe I’ll try for a fall bundle next week!

From top to bottom:

Simpatico – Yellow & white stripe
Timeless Treasures sketch yellow
Heather Ross roses (Spoonflower)
Alexander Henry Heath
Croquant – brown/white stripe
Erin McMorris Park Slope Leaf Dots
Japanese print (not exactly sure! It’s here though)
Denyse Schmidt Katie Jump Rope

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13 Responses to Friday fabric stack #6

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    Franziska says:

    I like that combo. It makes me smile. It’s fresh!

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    LeAnn says:

    Great picks – for any season!

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    Love your color choices! Makes me think of a refreshing margarita!

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    Cathie says:

    just love this colour combination !

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    Barbi says:

    Haha, the Green Bay Packer fan in me see great possibilities!

  10. 10
    Jill says:

    I love these fabrics together!

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    Sandra Hubley says:

    I see what you’ve done with those. Gorgeous. Always nice to see the result of those stacks of fabric. Sometimes we really admire how you’ve pulled those fabrics together but wonder what the quilt top will look like. Yummy.

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