monica’s traveling quilt

This month I got to add a little something to Monica‘s traveling quilt (part of the Traveling Quilts bee). This bee is run a bit differently than a regular quilting bee, in that each member starts their own quilt, then it gets passed along and each month another member will add whatever they’d like to the quilt. In the last month, each quilt will be completed, quilted and bound and then returned to the person who started each quilt! I love the idea of receiving a totally finished quilt, and I absolutely love seeing what each person adds to the quilt as it moves along. (Take a peek at Elizabeth’s blog to see how my quilt is looking!)

I really love the rainbow of prints that Monica started with, and which Dan continued with his wonderful flying geese. I had previously sorted my scraps by color, so I decided to add a similarly colored section.

I added in the skinny dark gray strip, and then played around with some tiny pluses, making each plus out of a variety of rainbow scraps floating in white space. I’m really happy with how it turned out, and I hope Monica will be too!


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