trail marker quilt top

The nice thing about going back to an old, forgotten project is that sometimes it’s a pretty quick finish…

(which makes me wonder why I put it away without finishing it way back when!)

Another good thing is that absence makes the heart grow fonder. When I first started making this one I wasn’t completely sold, but happily, now that I’ve pulled it out and finished up the top, I’m quite smitten!

Previous posts about this quilt can be found here and here.

You can find my tutorial for making these triangle blocks here.

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29 Responses to trail marker quilt top

  1. 1
    Suzanne says:

    Wow! You really are making headway on your WIPs. Great job!

  2. 2
  3. 3
    Molly says:

    I’m smitten too! The colors are so peaceful and soothing. Goes great with my morning coffee 🙂

  4. 4
    Dianne says:

    It looks fabulous…and calm! Great finish.

  5. 5
    alex says:

    the reversed value blocks add so much movement and interest to the quilt top! very cool.

  6. 6
    Linda says:

    Oh my, I don’t remember it, but I, too, love it now! I love that last pic of it laying on the flowers. Nice contrast. (Morgan went above and beyond w/this one…8-)

    xo Linda

  7. 7
    elsa says:

    It’s really lovely ~ quite soothing actually.

  8. 8

    It’s so pretty! I love how even though it incorporates a bunch of colors, it still seems very neutral! Beautiful!

  9. 9
    Jo Ann says:

    Very lovely quilt. I need to clean out some WIP projects too.

  10. 10
    terriaw says:

    Great quilt! I especially love the name you gave it. Makes me want to do something like this to use up some of my scraps and odds and ends. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. 11
    amandajean says:

    it looks fantastic! LOVE the color scheme.

  12. 12
    Heidi says:

    I love this quilt top. I’m definitely going to check out your tutorial!

  13. 13
  14. 14
    caity says:

    its so lovely and serene – well done on finishing another quilt i have about 10 WIP quilts i must get to 🙂 i will take your inspiration and go forth!

  15. 15
    Sara Hill says:

    Really nice–

  16. 16
    Andrea says:

    It’s beautiful! I love the combination of colours you choose, particularly the background mix of neutrals which work really well to add dimension. By the way, the field of flowers is quite magnificent as a backdrop…reminds me of springtime in Holland.

  17. 17
    Kelli F. says:

    I love it! The colors are great. 🙂

  18. 18
    Jo says:

    Love the quilt and LOVE the bluebells! I miss that the most from my time living in England – woods filled with bluebells in spring

  19. 19
    Valerie says:

    Loving the colour scheme on this one. So calming. Perfect for curling up in.

  20. 20
    Jessica C says:

    I like it. Very comforting, pleasing to look at.

  21. 21
    Rossie says:

    It is beautiful!

  22. 22

    Such a beautiful quilt. Your photographs are truly inspired. Thank you.

  23. 23
    Andrea R. says:

    You’re making me feel guilty, I haven’t sewn a single stitch on over a month! LOVE the colors on this one, so soothing.

  24. 24
    hannita says:

    You are an evil quilt genius. I mean evil in the best way. Thanks for being so inspiring.

  25. 25
    Munaiba says:

    I’m glad you pulled it out to finish it. It’s really lovely.

  26. 26
  27. 27

    Loving this quilt top, the triangles are lovely, I like that it is a little random and as someone said it has movement. I am just finishing up a triangle quilt, nowhere near as nice as this!

  28. 28
    Nancy says:

    Nothing like neutrals for a calming effect. I’ve bookmarked but I will never outlive my bookmark list. So many quilts-so little time! N

  29. Pingback: Finally finished this triangle trail marker quilt! Loving the low volume background fabrics! Thankyou so much to Ashley of Film In The Fridge for publishing such a great tutorial!

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