oh swoon!

I always loved the Swoon pattern, but it took Katy organizing a Swoon along to get me to actually find my pattern and get sewing! I decided to use the original Flea Market Fancy because I love the colors and thought it would look great in this pattern.

I had fun pairing fabrics for each block and seeing each (huge!) block come together. I got all the blocks finished, but then procrastinated getting the top finished because if I’m being honest… sashing? Not my favorite. Of course, once I stopped procrastinating and just started sewing, the top came together without a problem.

And wow, do I love it! My dilemma now is selecting a backing (hopefully before it ends up in the unfinished quilt closet!) and deciding whether to quilt it on my own or send it out for some fun quilting. (Angela provided some interesting ideas for quilting Swoon quilts, but half of me (ok, three quarters of me) relishes the thought of having someone else quilt it!)

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