a whole cloth baby quilt

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m weirdly obsessed with this new little quilt! I didn’t plan on making it, so maybe that explains some of its appeal, or maybe it’s just that it all came together so nicely… I’m not sure, but I am sure that I’m in love.

It all started last week with a little trip to my local fabric shop, nido. It was meant to just be a visit to say hi to Phiona, but of course I can’t resist new fabrics, so this new Nani Iro was quickly added to the cutting table.

This time around the Nani Iro is a brushed cotton twill and is so soft, almost flannel-like, that I immediately imagined a blanket for Max. I also picked up a bright gold/yellow shot cotton for the blanket backing. As soon as I returned home the blanket idea was switched to a quilt (of course!) and paired with this wonderful plaid print from Denyse’s latest line for Joann’s.

I’ve always been intrigued by whole cloth quilts, though I hadn’t ever made one, so I was kind of excited by the prospect of making one. I’m still kind of stuck on that circle quilting, so I quickly marked up the quilt top and started sewing. I used a yellowy-green variegated Sulky thread, and used my walking foot to slowly quilt these circles.

A trip through the washer and dryer and this has become my current favorite quilt. I made it for Max, but I certainly snuggle with it every chance I get! The soft Nani Iro, combined with a great lightweight batting (Quilter’s Dream Request) and that soft lightweight shot cotton is just the perfect combination. And that binding? My new favorite! Now if only it was less baby-sized and more Ashley-sized!
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Edited to add:

Here’s a quick little diagram on how I quilted this quilt. More details provided here.

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