baby taali quilt

Remember in my last post how I said I went with a smaller size on this one so it’d be easier to finish? Well then I decided to quilt it with about a bazillion straight lines, so easy and quick it was not… four nap times and one trip to the store for Morgan and Max, while I hurried to quilt the last of these lines!

I was excited to see this one finished. It’s made up of a great line by Monaluna, Taali, along with some additional coordinating prints and a few solids. I really like this color combo, and of course, I’m quite fond of these wonky cross/plus blocks (still trying to find time to finish my Liberty cross blocks!)

I wasn’t sure how I wanted to quilt it, but then I read this post by Angela (part of a weekly series of posts on deciding what to quilt) where she talked about leaving some areas unquilted. It reminded me of a mini quilt I made a while back where I left an unquilted zig zag in the white space. I decided to try it again on this quilt, so I drew out a big wonky plus over the entire quilt and then I densely quilted each of the four quarters.

It’s not really that obvious, and probably would have worked better if I had made it a bit wider (and if I had used a plain solid backing!), but I like it. It’s subtle, but adds a bit of extra interest. Can you see it in that photo above? Maybe it’s a bit too subtle…

Since there’s a lot of white on the front, I decided to use big sections of the prints on the back. I like seeing big portions of these fun Monaluna prints, especially those sheep!

I’m not sure yet where this one will end up, though it would certainly be perfect for a little boy or girl so I’m sure it will find a good home!

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16 Responses to baby taali quilt

  1. 1
    Susan says:

    I read allll of your posts and hardly ever comment.

    This is the one that made me do it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I LOVE the quilting. I can totally see it. Love it. Love it. Love it!

  2. 2
    Suzanne says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of lines but they add so much to the quilt. Worth it, in my opinion!

  3. 3
    Mary says:

    You can definitely see the plus – so cool! Awesome quilt!!

  4. 4
  5. 5

    Wonderful fun quilt and GREAT quilting Ashley!

  6. 6
    Annalee says:

    I am in love with this quilt. Inspiration behind my next one!! Great work!

  7. 7
    Darlene Wilkins says:

    I like this quilt – especially the prints used for the backing. The stitching is definitely worth the effort.

    I’ve really enjoyed your website and I’ve learned from your methods of quilting. Your tutorials are so helpful. Some time ago, I read your posting about a very random forward/backward quilting method. But I can’t find it again. Will you please send me the link? I would so appreciate it. I think it started with your stating you wondered what you were doing to that quilt but as you got into it you liked the effect. Thank you so much,

  8. 8
    Susan says:

    The sacrificed nap times were well worth it…lovely quilt!

  9. 9

    I think it looks great! I definitely noticed the quilting. I think it’s very subtle, but adds a little something extra above just straight lining it. Good job!

  10. 10
    Claire Jain says:

    Ahh! That’s so fun! I love the back. Those little sheep are adorable ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. 11
    Nova says:

    love the approach you took to quilting this one. looks fantastic! x

  12. 12
    Katy says:

    Love the bazillion line quilting, it looks fab

  13. 13

    Fantastic!!! I love how you quilted! Thanks for the link to blog too!!!

  14. 14

    I love this collection, I just love the sheep!

  15. 15
    Susan Jonsson says:

    I love this quilt….Really catches my eye….in such a wonderful and wonky way….gotta try one too. thanks for sharing yours….Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 16

    I fell in love with and have collected scrap pieces which I intend to use to make a baby taali quilt for a friend. Can you tell me how many squares are used in the design, and their size. Australia is a long way from USA but through the internet some of your ideas are very interesting.

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