baby taali quilt

Remember in my last post how I said I went with a smaller size on this one so it’d be easier to finish? Well then I decided to quilt it with about a bazillion straight lines, so easy and quick it was not… four nap times and one trip to the store for Morgan and Max, while I hurried to quilt the last of these lines!

I was excited to see this one finished. It’s made up of a great line by Monaluna, Taali, along with some additional coordinating prints and a few solids. I really like this color combo, and of course, I’m quite fond of these wonky cross/plus blocks (still trying to find time to finish my Liberty cross blocks!)

I wasn’t sure how I wanted to quilt it, but then I read this post by Angela (part of a weekly series of posts on deciding what to quilt) where she talked about leaving some areas unquilted. It reminded me of a mini quilt I made a while back where I left an unquilted zig zag in the white space. I decided to try it again on this quilt, so I drew out a big wonky plus over the entire quilt and then I densely quilted each of the four quarters.

It’s not really that obvious, and probably would have worked better if I had made it a bit wider (and if I had used a plain solid backing!), but I like it. It’s subtle, but adds a bit of extra interest. Can you see it in that photo above? Maybe it’s a bit too subtle…

Since there’s a lot of white on the front, I decided to use big sections of the prints on the back. I like seeing big portions of these fun Monaluna prints, especially those sheep!

I’m not sure yet where this one will end up, though it would certainly be perfect for a little boy or girl so I’m sure it will find a good home!

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