cubicles quilt

How about a few more typewriters? I finished up another quilt top featuring this wonderfully fun Melody Miller print – this time using the red typewriters on the aqua background.

I drew up this little quilt design as soon as I saw Melody Miller’s typewriter fabric. I don’t often draw out quilts ahead of time, since my drawing skills leave much to be desired, but on occasion I do plan out my quilts, and sometimes even name them ahead of time!

I actually had these solids piled together and just waiting for a quilt – I love the way they look together and was quite pleased to see how well they went with this particular print. I used Kona Raisin, Coral, Snow, Dusty Blue, and a Quilters Linen in gray, plus Moda Bella Turquoise.

It’s funny how close I managed to come to my original sketch! I might have to consider drawing out a few other quilts ahead of time – I think having the sketch to refer to helped it all come together a bit faster.

Add this one to the pile of quilts that need backings!


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