hello 2012!

2011 was quite a year! It goes without saying that by far the best part of 2011 was adding Max to our family! It’s still hard to believe that he’s gone from this –

to this in such a short amount of time!

Despite spending lots of time snuggling with Max, I managed to find some time for quilting and other sewing. Perhaps there were more starts than finishes, but I guess that just means there will be more finishes in 2012! Here’s a look at some favorites from 2011…

1. lotta charm quilt, 2. green flea market fancy strip quilt, 3. nautical quilt, 4. ruby star spring quilt, 5. kites in the clouds quilt, 6. strawberry seas baby strip quilt, 7. aidan’s quilt, 8. flea market fancy strip quilt in red and pink, 9. a smattering of Greenfield Hill, 10. red+purple quilt, 11. manly baby quilt, 12. echino baby playmat, 13. colorblock plusses – a baby quilt, 14. Innocent Crush Rectangle Squared quilt, 15. drunk love bee quilt, 16. shades of blue – flea market fancy strip quilt

I’m afraid I don’t get to say it often enough, but thank you all for reading, and a extra big thank you for those who take the time to comment. I certainly do love hearing from you, and I know that it takes extra time to leave a comment and for that I’m very appreciative!

I very much look forward to seeing what 2012 will bring!


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