rubik’s crush pattern

Hi! Just a quick little post today, since we just returned home from vacation and I’m in the midst of all that post-vacation stuff (you know, the unpacking, putting away, loads and loads of laundry… the part I like least about traveling!)

Anyway, do you remember my Rubik’s Crush quilt? It was included in 101 Patchwork Projects + Quilts (great gift ideas in there, in case you’re like me and slow in getting to your holiday making!). I was so happy to hear that it was also just included in a free Quilting Daily eBook! So in case you wanted to add another quilt to your list, head over here to download the free eBook with complete instructions for putting together the Rubik’s Crush quilt. It’s a relatively quick quilt to make, so you might be able to squeeze one in before Christmas, just in case there’s someone on your list who needs a handmade quilt!

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