a graduated rainbow quilt top

Perhaps you remember these lovely fabrics? I’ve been purchasing pieces here and there, and I knew from the start that I wanted to use them all together in one big quilt. I love the designs, and Hitomi prints them in all the colors of the rainbow, so what else could I do but use them and show off their rainbow-y goodness?!

It took me a while to decide how to best showcase these designs. In fact, it wasn’t until just recently when I was poking through some old photo albums that I found my inspiration. Want to see it? (really?)

Once I turned the page and came across this photo of an old family vacation in Tortola, I immediately paused. (No, not because I was so in awe of that lovely hairdo. Oh yes, I was so stylish!) I was eying that striped beach towel and knew immediately that it would be a perfect design for these fabrics.

[As an aside, I realize this photo doesn’t really scream beach vacation. But really, the beach we were camping on was beautiful… just more picturesque during daylight hours. The turquoise waters really helped.]

I love the rainbow columns, though to be honest, I wasn’t really thinking when I came up with measurements for the blocks. For some reason, I kept the size of the white blocks constant, while decreasing the size of the printed areas as it graduated from red to purple. Which of course means that the layout didn’t end up exactly as I pictured. Even though it wasn’t exactly the look I was after, I decided not to rip it all apart.

Luckily I like the way this looks too! Now I’m just debating over whether to add white borders to each side. I’m thinking yes… you?

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